Q: I'm a student or alumnus of Queen Mary - how can I join the Equality in Leadership Society?

A: You can join us by purchasing the EIL membership online via the QMSU website.  Membership for this academic year is £5.

Q: Who do I contact if I want to get involved in the society?

A: Our committee is always open to hearing new ideas and forming new relationships. If you have a general inquiry or would like more information about EIL, please contact our committee here. If you would like to discuss potential events, ideas or are interested in participating in an existing event, please email our Events Chair here.

Q: I missed the deadline for committee applications - is there any other way I can become involved with Equality in Leadership?

A: Even if you're not a member of the committee, your active involvement within the society is invaluable to our success. We take notice of our proactive members. If you missed the deadline for applying to committee positions this year but would like to be a part of it the following year, it is recommended that you get as involved as you possibly can and show a genuine passion and interest in the work we are doing.